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    Institut Rousseau for English speakers

    This section is dedicated to our articles translated into English. Some of them are part of a partnership with Georgetown University.
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    Road to net zero – Join us now! We are still recruiting volunteers and there is still room for you! Join us and make an impact now.

    When the European Union’s climate objectives are regularly revised upwards; how can we explain that financial mobilization remains so weak? How come no actor or institution has even considered what it would cost the European Union to respect its climate commitments? You don’t think this is normal? Neither do we! Therefore, we have launched a major […]

    Par Institut Rousseau, Kerlero de Rosbo G., Dufrêne N.

    9 mars 2023

    Road to net zero ! Participez au crowdfunding pour convaincre nos dirigeants de passer à l'action climatique !

    Français | English | Italiano 🇮🇹 | Deutsch 🇩🇪 | Netherlands 🇳🇱 | Español 🇪🇸 |   « Fit for 55 », « neutre pour le climat », « vert », « neutralité », « sobriété », « durable » sont autant de termes désormais souvent utilisés par les journalistes, décideurs et politiques…. Malgré le vocabulaire […]

    Par Institut Rousseau, Kerlero de Rosbo G., Dufrêne N.

    29 octobre 2022

    2 % for 2° C! Memo for policy makers

    “Climate disruption is a battle for our lives” – UN Secretary-General António Guterres “Money is the sinews of war” – Cicero Although Cicero and Napoleon stressed that “money is the sinews of war”, the country of the Paris accords until 2022 failed to have a trans-sector holistic plan to address the need for decarbonization. Our […]

    Par Institut Rousseau

    18 septembre 2022

    A new European credit policy for the Agenda 2030 The Agenda 2030 Policy Briefs series mobilizes economists and practitioners to identify an economic and financial reform agenda to achieve the 2030 Agenda at the territorial, national and supranational levels.

    1. Financialization and the rise of systemic risks It is now established that the increasing financialization of the global economy is facilitating the acceleration of our planet’s destabilization. As shown in Figure 1, a simple linear regression between global financial development (measured by the M2/GDP ratio) and kilotons of CO2 emissions displays a correlation coefficient […]

    Par Dupré D., Lagoarde-Segot T.

    3 mai 2021